What do you do at iDelivery Solutions Group?
I specialise in recruiting the best technical talent across the U.K. and wider Europe for our clients that aren’t looking for a Consultancy-based solution. My clients hire Automation Test Engineers, Software Developers across every language, Infrastructure specialists and BI/Data Analytics candidates from me.
What is your favourite part of the job?
The satisfaction of placing the right candidate in the right role for them, and solving a clients’ headache at the same time.
What would surprise people to know about you?
My age and that I still have a full head of hair
What is your favourite tech or testing phrase, and why?
Babel fish 7 years ago – weirdest requirement ever.
If we were to describe your real passions and absolute dislikes in one sentence – what would that sentence be?
Passions: Getting it right first time
Dislikes: People who get it wrong for no good reason
What was the last thing you played on Spotify?
Never have never will, Windows phone.
Tell us something you love about working for iDelivery Group?
The autonomy and trust I am given to manage my own client base and workload. I feel very grateful to be able to deliver a high level of service to both clients and candidates according to my own personal standards of honesty, professionalism and commitment.


OGS Works, 2 Atherton Street, Manchester, M3 3GS


WeWork, Moorgate, 1 Fore Street, London, EC2Y 9DT


iTest Hub, XYZ Building, Spinning Fields