What do you do at iDelivery Solutions Group?
I do Test Automation and Performance Testing
What would surprise people to know about you?
That there is surprising little to know about me – I’m rather quite dull!!
What is your favourite tech or testing phrase, and why?
More of a quote, but it made me laugh :-
Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.
– Aldous Huxley
If we were to describe your real passions and absolute dislikes in one sentence – what would that sentence be?
Passions: Skiing (before kids), Gaming and Running (newly found).
Dislikes: Injustice. 
What was the last thing you played on Spotify?
Spotify – what’s that then! Last track I listened to – Thunderstruck AC/DC
Tell us something you love about working for iDelivery Group?
Working for a company where the emphasis on care towards the staff is very strong. You are seen clearly as a human being and not jus


OGS Works, 2 Atherton Street, Manchester, M3 3GS


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