The way we work has changed and has been changing for many years now. Today, it is not enough to keep doing things the way you’ve always done them - the “if it ain’t broke” approach - as even if you think you’re running your operation effectively, there are always spaces where firms, including legal firms, can improve and optimise the way they work. For many legal firms, data analysis is spearheading this effort and helping them to be successful in today’s changing world.

Ensuring effective project management and clarity in your work and processes is one of the most important steps towards success for many companies, and it can be difficult to organise. Overlapping projects, teams working in multiple areas, long or unusual production processes or a lack of transparency can all bring your work to a standstill, which is why you need a tool that works for you, not the other way around. That’s where Jira and iJira come in.

It's fair to say that COVID-19 has upended virtually every aspect of our life. Working from home, leaving the house for the essentials and tuning in at 5pm for the daily Government update is the new normal. We see the numbers of cases and deaths and hope that the current approach is going to allow us to get back to normal and beat this Coronavirus outbreak sooner rather than later.

Over the course of the last few months, the recruitment sector, like many others, has seen massive change and those of us in the industry have been working to adapt to this new state of affairs. Currently, HR managers are scrambling to adjust recruitment strategies in the wake of this pandemic. People all over the world are now adjusting to life under social distancing measures, and that means that recruitment is becoming increasingly important to keep businesses moving. At the start of the lockdown period, many organisations put their recruitment processes on hold indefinitely, but now we’re seeing a return to business as (almost) usual.

Data quality management


Managing data quality is essential to ensure that the data used is accurate, reliable and complete. To add to the existing difficulty of managing data quality, data is constantly changing; with increasing volumes, shifting types, and various delivery methods. Without proper quality maintenance, data can become outdated and unusable.    


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