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iDelivery provides clients with the capability of a Continuous Delivery model, that then enables changes of all types including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes and experiments into production; or delivers it into the hands of users safely and quickly in a sustainable way.

Our goal is to make deployments; whether of a large-scale distributed system, a complex production environment, an embedded system, or an app become predictable, routine affairs that can be performed on demand.

We achieve all this by working with tools and partners within iDelivery, and in by doing so we ensure our clients are always in a deployable state, even in the face of teams of thousands of developers making changes on a daily basis.

Find out more about the tools and partnerships that make this possible, below:


EMMA has been designed to help you understand how well you are operating your test environments and how they can be improved. A simple and inexpensive self-assessment mechanism that grades your organisation, provides heat maps for areas of improvement and then recommends the next steps that you should be taking to drive improvement in each of the areas assessed. The easy to use tool can be accessed simply and then re-utilised on a regular basis in order to drive improvements onwards, ensure that areas are not being missed and keep your environments moving towards a more mature solution, or if you are happy, to ensure that your maturity is maintained. No need for expensive consultants, we offer our knowledge at a fraction of the cost.


When the conventional approach is just too expensive or you feel like your test approach is too intense given the risk profile of the software, an “Intelligent” test approach is required. Just Enough Testing focuses on the risk profile of the application under test and seeks to perform just enough testing to mitigate this. Conventional, “one size fits all”, approaches need to become a thing of the past and the cost to test can and should be reduced. iJET takes experienced Test Managers and re-educates them to look at testing differently. Suitable for organisations working with smaller budgets, start-ups, charities or blue chip organisations looking for efficiency gains, iJET challenges the Testing mind set and provides a level of intelligence that is not available elsewhere.

Rapid Deploy

RapidDeploy, provides both on premise and cloud hosted versions and is used by some of the world largest and most innovative organisations. RapidDeploy works across the following principles:

Automation: RapidDeploy allows organisation to automate routine IT processes, such as deploying application updates, in order to allow organisations to reliably accelerate their software release cycles in a cost effective manner. It is particularly strong managing more traditional “enterprise” runtimes from IBM, Oracle, Red Hat and Microsoft .NET - but also supports some of the newer cloud native technologies like Docker. The tool is designed to handle all the automation required to configure environments and deploy applications into them – after the software itself has been created.

Orchestration: Many application releases and updates require a relatively complex release process that often involves many teams and components within an IT infrastructure being updated in a co-ordinated manner. This can be in the form of multi component application updates, or across multiple data centres such as production and DR. RapidDeploy provides an orchestration capability to reliably and efficiently map application orchestration release patterns into the tool there by removing the requirement for spreadsheets and manual co-ordination by Release Managers. This includes the use of features such as Co-ordinating complex multi-tier deployment, handling dependencies, capabilities around transactional releases, rollbacks, etc. using a Directed deployment approach.

Release Management: Once processes are automated and orchestrated within a specific environment, for example a Development Environment, these updates need to be propagated to down-stream environments such as Test or UAT, and ultimately being promoted to production if the changes pass a robust criteria of testing and valuation. The promotion and control of updates between environments, controlled by a process of human and automated approval gates, is what we refer to as Release Management. These include the use of features such as pipelines, approvals and workflows.


IT failure breaks companies; yet there is a culture of acceptance as if these breakdowns are inevitable. Caught in the vice between Time to Market pressure, Regulatory Requirements and Risk of Failure, companies are forced to choose between speed and risk.

Can you withstand a 4 day shut down? Will your reputation survive breaching customer data security? How much market share can you afford to lose?

All of these real world impacts have one thing in common - they were preventable.

You no longer have to accept this risk, with Orson you can stop choosing between speed, quality and cost.

Orson enables you to increase the pace of change, reduce risk and improve quality. Capturing your business intelligence enables Orson to automate the whole 'IT lifecycle' - avoiding the 'Groundhog Day' of IT Change. Orson automatically generates everything you need, to release high quality software 100% of the time.

Odin Axe

Axe is a unique and disruptive technology, cost effective, simple and cross industry it is quickly becoming a global brand with a prestigious list of large organizations using it across the US, Africa, Australia, Europe and India.

Axe leads a new generation of automated software testing products. Axe provides a means to rapidly deploy automated testing systems that can be used by all levels of staff with minimal training. This reduces the cost of introducing and maintaining test automation by a factor of four.

The advantage is that it is extremely easy to implement, very open for modification for non-standard applications and environments, and easy to integrate with any existing test management and source control systems already in place.

Non-technical users will have no trouble working with its optimized action word methodology, assisted by out-of-the-box spreadsheet templates for test design that largely overcome any problem dealing with complex scenarios.


Rehumanise is a specialist consultancy that focuses on the delivery of world class Enterprise User Experiences (EUX).

Our consulting approach revolves around the concept of Empathic Design which places the user and their needs at the top of the priority list when selecting, designing and integrating technology into an organisation. Our experience is that by focussing on the user, technology solutions are not only accepted but welcomed, and that means an improved Return on Investment (ROI) as well as a happier and more productive workforce.

Key Points

We work with organisations who:

  • Place usability and user acceptance high on their list of priorities.
  • Recognise the important part technology plays in delivering increased employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Are committed to providing technology to employees that adds genuine value to their day-to-day activities.


  • Increased ROI on technology investment.
  • Faster technology implementation and benefits realisation.
  • Targeted technology investment that delivers what people both want and need.
Re-humanise believe technology can deliver huge benefits to organisations, but only if it's developed with the user at its very core.


IIntelligent Delivery Solutions partner with TSG to provide a holistic approach to our collective, innovative testing services.

TSG is a leading, specialist consultancy for Business Assurance and Testing of IT systems. They provide confidence to organisations that are building, changing or replacing their IT and Business systems, and help them translate and validate their requirements and make sure that those requirements are delivered throughout the life of the product.

Our services complement each other well, with TSG’s expertise including:

  • Planning change, for testing, assurance and more widely
  • Engaging suppliers, internal and external, defining quality and acceptance criteria and keeping an eye on the quality of what they deliver to you
  • Getting the definition of change right, up front, whether it is a product backlog or business requirements
  • Delivering testing throughout the change lifecycle, from requirement quality reviews, business process tests, through to systems, integration and acceptance testing and on into live operations
  • Providing specialist testing services such as performance, automation, security and strategic consultancy
  • Working across a range of delivery methodology from tradition waterfall lifecycles, through Agile, Kanban and DevOps.

We are very pleased to work with TSG’s motivated, experienced and personable team, who provide the best possible service and value for our mutual clients:

  • TSG has significant client-side experience; our team understand and empathise with your context
  • They are bright, creative, tenacious people who are technically excellent and recognised as leaders in their field.

Combined, TSG and Intelligent Delivery Solutions have significant experience in a wide range of contexts, including:

  • Improving testing capability
  • Reducing the amount of time and money spent on testing
  • Delivering savings; all achievable with improved quality.

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