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    Delivering 100% assurance of all migrated and transformed data.


iData - delivering 100% assurance and coverage of all migrated and transformed data

The consequences of inaccurate data can be huge, both in lost time and money. Clearly every option to improve data quality and accuracy should be taken. 

The problem is particularly acute when migrating data from old systems to new. Records are cleaned, filtered, renamed and transformed. Opportunities to lose information or introduce errors are considerable. Many projects find migrating data correctly one of the major pain points of any development. 

Assuring the quality of migrated data is often a manual and time-consuming process, with the added burden of the scale of production databases means only a small sample of data can be inspected.  

Traditional data comparison tools don’t help as they only compare like with like. 

iData is an innovative iProduct that breaks the mold by transforming data between old and new structures, allowing the information to be compared directly. Not just a handful of records but the entire database can be compared using automated tests to provide 100% assurance and 100% coverage of all migrated data. 

Missing records are identified, corrupted fields are report, data quality rules can be applied and failing records traced and corrected. 

iData takes the headache out of data migration by providing: - 

  • Full data coverage meaning 100% assurance
  • Fast, automated, repeatable tests 
  • Enhanced data quality through data rules and governance
  • Source control compatible tests 
  • Interactive data wizards 
  • Command auto-completion and interactive assistance 
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