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What is iData?

iData is a forward-thinking, automated and repeatable solution that reduces the complexity in your data migrations whilst increasing the outcome of your data assurance.
By transforming data between old and new structures, risk is introduced to the quality of your data, iData provides both comparison and assurance of your data directly. And not just a handful of records, but millions of rows of your data - in minutes.

iData benefits:

  • Identify missing records
  • Assure against corrupted fields
  • Your data quality rules are easily applied
  • Failing records are traced and corrected, in minutes
  • All captured and displayed in easy to read reports

100% assurance and 100% coverage of all your migrated data achieved in minutes

Data migrations can be costly, risky and time-consuming. The risks are heightened when migrating data from old to new systems. Records are cleaned, filtered, renamed and transformed, so the threats to lose information or introduce errors here are worsened.

Your data migration strategy will include assurance of your migrated data; however, you appreciate this is often manual, slow and time-consuming with the added risk of inaccuracies.

iData can achieve 100% assurance and 100% coverage of your entire migrated data.
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iData also guarantees:

  • Fast, automated, repeatable tests
  • Enhanced data quality and compliance through data rules and governance
  • Effective Source control compatible tests
  • Easy to use interactive data wizards
  • Advanced Command auto-completion and interactive assistance

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