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What are the benefits to managing my data more effectively with iData?

Data is constantly changing; the volumes, delivery and quality of data is constantly shifting also. High expectations, instant gratification and large volumes of data are resulting in a demand for faster turnaround times with managing and moving data.

It is key that a rapid solution is found, with measures and controls around the maintenance and movement of that data also effectively applied. Without repeatable maintenance, data becomes outdated and unusable.

Managing your data effectively with iData gives you many benefits:

  • Streamlines your database, prepares and enhances your data to remove all waste so it is ready for use or moving.
  • Standardises your data, and ensures that Telephone numbers, Postcodes/Zip Codes, addresses etc are consistent and standardised.
  • Exceeds customer expectations by De-duplicating your data. Remove all duplicate records, preventing wasted time, expense and frustration when contacting the same customer on multiple occasions with the same message.
  • Validates any data which is moving from a legacy database to a new target database. Assuring that you move data which has been transformed correctly and in line with business rules
  • Compares data between two data sources, to identify any differences.
  • Monitors live data continuously, highlights any issues of new and existing data instantaneously. Constantly be in control of the quality of your live data.
  • Moves, migrates and transforms your streamlined database, through an Export Transform & Load/Export Load Transform, into a finely tuned destination and empower your team to move forward confidently with the data they have access to. 

What is iData?

iData is a lean user-friendly solution that drives business improvement through comprehensive data quality management. It delivers cleansing, validation, secure movement and monitoring of your data with total coverage and saving time.  
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