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Automation Testing is a solution to enable repeatedly executed manual test cases against an application, without human intervention. With the right solution in place, it is likely your projects will experience a reduction in the time taken in testing cycles, as well as the opportunity to have more focus on testing new functionality.

Additionally, if the combination of people, process and tooling are good then automated testing can deliver rapid returns on investment.

Given the correct solution, your organisation could benefit from enhanced processes, reporting and a significant quality increase around the build process by having a solution which fits into a continuous delivery system. These factors together give a true measure of quality, the speed of testing process yet enough rigor to demonstrate control of your testing. All giving a good cause to empower your testing team.

  • Automated Testing can:
    Deliver dramatic results especially if you automate early and often.  
    Can focus on GUI interfaces such as websites
  • Deliver uplifts in productivity as well as rapid ROI; during our deliveries of test automation we ensure that we can create our automated test assets even when we don’t have access to the application or new functionality.
  • Enable message based testing which allows you to create templates based on known and predefined elements such as SOAP, REST, JSON, Web Services Description Language (WSDL), message exchange patterns and RESTful services.
  • Build common and re-usable templates, based on those mentioned above and communicating effectively between developers and testers alike; automated tests can be written in parallel with application code being written by developers.

Ultimately, our approach enables us to simulate end to end, business process automated tests which mean that we are using the platform effectively and so automated tests are written in parallel with code.

Key Benefits

  • Repeatability
  • Cost savings through time reduction on executing manual tests
  • Increase in the stability of the build and deployment processes and again reduces costs associated to poor builds and re-work of code as a result.

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