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    Data Migration Assurance
    By testing data migrations adequately, business-critical risks are eliminated

Data Migration Assurance

Over many migration projects delivered it has been highlighted by many of our consultant and clients, there are various business-critical risks associated with the inadequate testing of data migrations.

Most organisations current process involves comparing legacy and future state systems manually. This is compounded by the inherent challenge of manual testing, and further exacerbated by the growing complexity of its testing coverage.

Ultimately, there are huge risks to compliance and transactions associated with inadequate testing of migrated data. Using iData as part of the process assures the transformation, resolves the risk, compliance and human error challenges around Data Migration Testing. We couple this with automation of the User journeys supported by a smaller more focussed user acceptance testing cycles.


Our testers use their Leadership & Management skills to ensure an application is tested successfully. We achieve this by defining the ‘how, what and why’ of testing an application, and aligning all the critical factors required to support efficient testing, including:

  • People
  • Process
  • Environment
  • Data
  • Test Techniques
  • Test Tools
  • Test Reporting
  • Team Morale

Key Benefits

iData is a data assurance engine and a template driven solution, so you are ready to start configuring tests as opposed to creating them from scratch.

It assures that any migrated data transformation has worked, or not.

A repeatable, automated process that reduces the risks associated with manual errors. Save vast amounts of manual resource time that could equate to man weeks of testing in real-terms.
Saves substantial amounts of time by reducing time spent by a resource in extracting and verifying any data in legacy and target applications.


Provides the ability to automate certain scenarios for bulk execution and outsourcing capability, and enables the adoption of a standard process essentially then becomes a solution for complex data comparisons.

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