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Our iTest Hub is our north-shoring solution based in Manchester, used by many of our clients to support testing activities in high demand periods. We deliver a fully managed all-inclusive testing solution, delivered to meet all aspects of your testing needs.

Our iTest Hub:

  • Creates, maintains and executes your tests
  • Supports you when there is a lack of technical resource to meet your project goals
  • Plugs resource gaps
  • Delivers manual testing and technical testing solutions

Key Benefits

  • Cost saving from being north-shoring
  • Provides support in the development of new, young manual and technical testing resources
  • Brightest and best technical consultants leading our solutions
  • Agility in being able to control spend without committing to lengthy contractor resources
  • Encourages more testing


OGS Works, 2 Atherton Street, Manchester, M3 3GS


WeWork, Moorgate, 1 Fore Street, London, EC2Y 9DT


iTest Hub, XYZ Building, Spinning Fields