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    Manual Testing Services
    Bitten by the testing bug.

Manual Testing Services

Testing can be testing, especially in today’s current climate of evolving complexities of applications. No matter how skilled your developers are, errors can be missed. Independent and skilled eyes examining your product is the best way to ensure quality. Our expert team have decades of collective experience in all areas of manual testing, including use case-driven scripted approaches, freeform exploratory testing, traditional desktop platforms, mobile testing, web accessibility and system interoperability.


Manual testing forms a fundamental part of delivering more efficient practices such as automated testing, and an essential element is to help find bugs. The process requires professional testers to prepare and execute either pre-canned test cases or conduct exploratory testing sessions against an application, before they bite.

Overall, Manual Testing Services:
  • Inclusive goal is to quickly identify bugs in an application
  • Ensures that the application is working as intended
  • Identifies where the application may require improvements

Key Benefits

  • Our Testers become business champions by understanding how the application is really used by the business and client
  • Manual testers are gatekeepers of quality, by implementing a robust QA process which is supported by Quality Checks
  • Provides overall confidence in the deployed application
  • Adds a value-added dimension to the end-product, as we are able to contribute to the design of the application from a quality and user perspective


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