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    Testing the how, what and why.


Testing Leadership & Management can be defined as steering testing elements in order to ensure an application is tested successfully. We achieve this by defining the ‘how, what and why’ of testing an application, and aligning all the critical factors required to effectively support efficient testing, including:

  • Environment
  • Data
  • Test Approach
  • Test Techniques
  • Test Tools
  • Test Reporting
  • Team Morale

Overall Test Leadership & Management creates a strategy that determines an efficient approach to testing. This includes defining the most efficient use of people, process, and tools. We empower our testing practitioners to become leaders of quality within projects. We encourage their engagement with your teams and solution architects, which provides them with insight on how the application will be designed and used in real life; therefore creating business champions.

Key Benefits

Using a ‘test first’ approach will provide value on five key levels;

1.    Assist in the design phases. The tester can then bring business knowledge to the design phases at the same time implementing quality into the process. This also provides an opportunity for testers to get creative with manual testing techniques.

2.    Test the application. A user is more likely to identify real issues faster, by understanding the risk from a technical point of view as well as how the application will be eventually used.

3.    Testers are also able to contribute to unit testing. Not by writing the tests, more so by having subtle interactions and providing insight in to how the users may think or operate.

4.    Architectural awareness will enable the tester to highlight automation opportunities. Understanding of what happens when elements submitted via the graphical UI, for example, is valuable information to both technical and non-technical testers.

5.    Coupling architectural awareness with contributing to a unit test approach provides the knowledge to design a robust automated testing solution, which covers all three layers of the automated testing pyramid.  This therefore provides huge value from test coverage and delivering project teams the ability to execute more tests quickly.


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